Mona and her team have built Emera Family Law based on a shared commitment to delivering honest and outcome focused family law advice. The team follow a simple but steadfast philosophy to keep their clients at the centre of everything they do.

Founder Mona Emera (formerly head of family law at a large national firm) has more than 15 years’ experience as a family lawyer and has worked alongside her team of lawyers for several years. This positions Emera Family Law as an ideal partner for clients looking for:

  • expert results;
  • a focus on clarity and outcomes;
  • genuine support and empathy along the way; and
  • cost-effectiveness.

Honest and pragmatic advice are at the foundation of our approach, ensuring our clients are supported throughout their time with the firm.

We prefer to focus on settlements rather than arguments and aim to settle your matter with a view to avoiding court. We aim to take the stigma out of long held notions of what it’s like to work with lawyers. We are a team of down to earth professionals who deliver an excellent service without all the formality of a traditional law firm.

A message from our lawyers

“First and foremost, my job is about helping people through a difficult time. That is why my approach is always to lead with honesty and work hard towards a solution. My clients know without question I’m there to support them.”

Mona Emera, Principal and Founder

Practising in this area of law provides a unique opportunity to do what I love while assisting my clients to achieve the best possible result.”

Jodie Jarvis, Lawyer

“My focus is on giving my clients clear advice in terms they can understand and providing quality legal services that are personalised for everyone I work with.

Mairead Melia, Senior Lawyer

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We're here to help you move forward with your legal matter. Understanding where you stand by getting the right advice early will give you clarity and certainty.

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