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21 Apr 2024  Google Doreen N

Emera Family Law Melbourne has always been supportive, helpful, understanding, and informative. They have the skills to get to the end result, whilst being extremely compassionate lawyers.

Special thanks to Mona and Samantha for always getting the job done efficiently.

I highly recommend their services. 5 Stars

18 Mar 2024  Google David L

Excellent lawyers. They were great to work with.

18 Mar 2024  Google Lydia R

Let me tell you….

I was highly recommended Mona and associates at Emera Family Law, I was going through a very difficult case with my former spouse. Mona was very helpful, understanding and ready to answer any question 24/7, while my case was going through I had to travel overseas to Brazil and even though we had to deal with different time zones Mona was always able to communicate with me every time she needed me or I needed her.

We had a positive outcome and it was all due to Mona’s perseverance, I just wanted to quit too many times but with her on my side I knew I was going to have the best result.

Dear Mona and team I would like to thank you for your support and help, I will most definitely recommend you to anyone who might need to your expertise.

02 Jan 2024  Google Gill H

I highly recommend Mona Emera as a family lawyer. She helped me navigate through a difficult mediation and divorce. She was highly supportive, provided quality advice, was always positive and cheerful.

Thank you Mona and congratulations on your own practice which appears to be going from strength to strength.

05 Dec 2023  Google Poppy Y

Very professional and easy to deal with. Highly recommended and exceptional service and knowledge.

27 Oct 2023  Google Anup T

Emera Family Law has proven to be of great assistance with my legal matter. I was directed to their services, and the legal expert addressed my concerns in a professional and amiable manner.

While my situation didn't necessitate formal legal involvement, I had inquiries that were somewhat complex to decipher, and their legal representative was exceptionally courteous in addressing my questions.

I wholeheartedly endorse their services.

03 Oct 2023  Google Simon L

Often Mona didn't tell me what I wanted to hear, but I have to say what she told me was at least very honest. I respect people that don't sugar coat things and just tell me the truth. I couldn't have gone through the nearly 5 years of hell without Mona and Jodie. Couldn't recommend them enough.

19 Sep 2023  Google Nikhil M

The best and honest legal service in Melbourne. Jessica was really helpful understanding and is one of the most efficient lawyers I have met. Great service again and very cost effective. Thanks

15 Sep 2023  Google Zach K

I had a personal referee to Emera Family Law and would like to thank them for doing so. As a small firm they act very professionally towards their clients, are approachable and let you know up front what costs are anticipated. I dealt directly with Mona who took a case that was heading to court. I was given frank advice and we agreed an approach that would benefit both parties. We negotiated an outcome without the need for Barristers, Mediators or any other costly intermediaries. I will now be that referee.

11 Sep 2023  Google Ingrid

Working with lawyers in the past who seemed more interested in my money than my case left me feeling frustrated. However, Mona and Samantha were like guardian angels who provided the support I desperately needed. I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to them for their unwavering dedication to my case. They consistently responded to my emails promptly and remained attentive throughout, even when my stress levels were at their peak. Thanks to their expertise and commitment, I was able to resolve everything quickly and without any added stress. My best wishes go out to both of you.

16 Aug 2023  Google Muzingrid R

Working with lawyers in the past who seemed more interested in my money than my case left me feeling frustrated. However, Mona and Samantha were like guardian angels who provided the support I desperately needed.

I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to them for their unwavering dedication to my case. They consistently responded to my emails promptly and remained attentive throughout, even when my stress levels were at their peak.

Thanks to their expertise and commitment, I was able to resolve everything quickly and without any added stress. My best wishes go out to both of you.

07 Aug 2023  Google Trinh N

Emera Family Law is definitely a standout amongst family law firms. A quality team of professionals who not only are highly engaged with their clients, they actually CARE and provide outstanding service.

I highly recommend Mona Emera who is an exceptional lawyer. She has made a difficult period of time much more comfortable and was able to provide me with quality advice. My matters were handled efficiently and with the utmost care with the quickest responses!

I would also like to acknowledge how incredible Sam is for facilitating communication. Sam was incredibly knowledgeable that I felt like I was speaking to Mona! She was easy to communicate with and really listened to me.

All in all, the ONLY law firm I felt comfortable trusting with delicate matters.

28 Jun 2023  Google Sharron E

Jodie and the staff have been wonderful at such a difficult time in my life. They have been professional and prompt. I highly recommend them.

20 Jun 2023  Google Jason S

Great service, always kept informed & nothing was too much trouble. Thanks for getting me through this.

19 Apr 2023  Google Kellie D

Jessica at Emera family law was absolutely incredible. From the very first phone call and throughout an uneasy process for myself.
Jessica’s knowledge and professionalism is a true asset to the firm and I couldn’t speak more highly of Jessica and the team at Emera Family Law.
Jessica ensured each step was explained in detail and ensured the best possible outcome for myself and my family was met.
If needed I would use and recommend Jessica and Emera family law again without a doubt.

15 Dec 2022  Google Dessi I

Mona and Jodie assisted me greatly through my separation and provided me with clear direction and advice on what to expect every step of the way. They did a great job explaining everything to me clearly and always had my best interests in mind. This made me feel more confident and in control of the entire process. Going above and beyond to ensure the best possible outcome for me, which they certainly achieved, I highly recommend Emera Family Law. Thank you ladies, you did a wonderful job and I couldn’t be more grateful.

04 Nov 2022  Email Liz

Mona and Mairead are both very approachable and pragmatic, and I have really valued their assistance during my separation. Their honest advice, understanding, and persistence in helping us reach a financial agreement, was sincerely appreciated. I recommend them to anyone navigating separation.

17 Oct 2022  Google Sandii L

Huge thank you to Jodie for her work on our case. She went above and beyond. She provided guidance and support to ensure our case was successful. Definitely a credit to Emera Family Law! Wouldn't go anywhere else

24 Sep 2022  Google AI L

Going through this process is never pleasant but having a group of professionals that is willing to listen and help resolve the matter in an efficient manner is critical. Thank you to Jodie who was my key lawyer, and Mairead who also assisted and lastly Mona, they all upheld the principles of how lawyers should practice, and truly portray high level of customer service. Look no further and if you require family law assistance.

05 Sep 2022  Google Natasha D

I am so grateful and appreciative of everything Mona and the team did during this difficult time. All advice provided was with the intention of simplifying and reaching as quick an outcome as possible. Having a law firm that I could trust to do and advise in my best interests was critical to reducing stress and pressure during this process. Thank you Mona and team for your professionalism and support.

12 Aug 2022  Google Kari C

Mona is amazing! what can I say except THANK-YOU! Mona made a process that I was dreading very easy. She helped me feel at ease and ready to advocate for my son and his special needs.

Her communication was excellent and she was thoughtful, kind and understanding. Highly recommend when you need someone that you know will always have your back.

08 Aug 2022  Google Joe S

Mona and the team were fantastic in guiding me through all aspects of what was always going to be a very difficult case. I was not only happy with the outcome but I was very impressed with the team throughout the entire process. From explaining legal terms through to support in and out of court, My expectations were exceeded in every way. Can’t recommend highly enough!!!!

18 Jul 2022  Google Claire P

Mona was so personable to work with. Very understanding and offered a great service

04 Jul 2022  Google Mark P

Both Mona & Jodie were available for me when I need them which was very comforting. They provided sound advice and were able to navigate me through uncertain times. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone who needs the specialised help they can provide. Absolute top class!

28 Feb 2022  Google Jamilla H

Jodie gave informative and clear advice regarding my legal query. I was very happy with the service that I got. I highly recommend Jodie and Emera Family Law.

14 Jun 2022  Google Kim P

I was first introduced to Mona Emera in May 2021 through a friend working at a law firm who recommended her as “the best family lawyer in town” (Melbourne).

I had been in the family law system since 2018 with 2 different lawyers. After switching the first time I spent 18 months with the second firm from Brighton and that, often strained, relationship landed me with a settlement in October 2020 that I believe fell well short of what I deserved.

People would ask me “do you have a good lawyer” and I would reply that I couldn’t really tell because I had nothing to bench mark against. That said, once I received the October 2020 settlement I began to understand what a ‘good’ lawyer was and wasn’t………but it felt too late to change again.

Fast forward to May 2021, after my friend recommended Mona, I called her the next day and……..she had me hello! Mona explained very clearly what I could and couldn’t do with respect to the existing settlement and although I was disappointed that we couldn’t undo anything we got to work on what we could do.

Mona is friendly and personable. Unlike my previous lawyers, she didn’t say you can’t do that outright, she always explained reasons and provided options and solutions. She became part of the solution and not part of the problem.

As time went on, we managed to get some ‘modifications’ and we worked to get a better outcome all round. When Mona went on maternity leave she passed the batten to Mairead who worked for me as tirelessly as Mona. Mairead was a safe pair of hands to be in and my case proceeded along the same forward trajectory.

With Mona and Mairead I felt listened to and confident in facing the overwhelming legal system. The fees I paid were very reasonable based on the quality of the service provided. My only regret is that I didn’t engage Emera Family Law in the beginning. If I could give my four years younger self one piece of advice it would be to listen to your intuition and if you start to feel not heard, then find someone who listens! I echo my friend’s sentiment and highly recommend Mona Emera as the best family lawyer in town!

Thank you Mona & Mairead for making the end of my family law journey an experience I can be happy with and empowering me to move onwards and upwards from here. I wish you both all the best and to anyone reading this review………don’t hesitate to engage these very capable women.

5 stars!

31 Mar 2022  Google Michelle B

Emera were very supportive, provided timely advice, great communication and were professional throughout the entire process. Highly recommend!

29 Mar 2022  Google Jo H

It was lovely to meet Mona, so comforting and reassuring to see a friendly and sincere person, not at all the scary shoulder pads and power suit I had imagined!!
Sound, honest and empathetic with open and accessible communications, Mona made an emotional process very smooth for me and my children. Would highly recommend.

22 Mar 2022  Google Felix M

Mona and Jodie were absolutely wonderful in helping me to efficiently and neatly resolve my matter. They were both super friendly and respectful, always prompt and understanding in their responses to my communications, and I was able feel at ease knowing that my issue was in safe and capable hands. Highly recommended!

15 Mar 2022  Google Lynne S

No one gives you a rule book when a marriage fails after 30 years. Thankfully with Mona and Jodie I was able to navigate unchartered waters. No question was ‘dumb’. They were respectful, understanding and helped guide me towards my new beginnings. It sure isn’t easy, but with Emera Family Law they helped overcome what sometimes were rough seas.

22 Feb 2022  Google Angela H

I would highly recommend Emera Family Law. Mona, Jodie and all the staff are very experienced as well as caring. Their advice was always practical and helpful in reaching the best outcome possible. At a very difficult time in my life I was extremely grateful to have Emera Family Law on my side.

28 Dec 2021  Google Sussan L

I found myself in a position where I needed advice and representation as my relationship was ending. I called a trusted friend in Melbourne to ask her to recommend a lawyer. She said Mona Emera ,I drove three hours to meet Mona and was nervous as I had never needed to speak to a lawyer about separation/divorce before as it was something I didn’t want from the moment I sat down with Mona I just knew that I was going to be ok .,she is calming , professional, smart ,Mona just made me feel like everything was going to be alright and that I will be ok. And this is exactly the way my separation worked out. whenever I needed her and was scared or panicked about something she just kept me calm a tool over for me . I would always use Mona Emera if I ever have a need in the future . she is my guardian Angel . If you want to best then I can’t recommend Mona Emera and her Team enough . Sussan

24 Dec 2021  Google Jacinta A

Mona and her team were lovely and helpful through my process. I never felt judged on mine situation and Mona & team where very professional when offering advice. When needing to get in contact you never had to wait too long for a response. Mona & Team were very thorough and always looking for the best their clients.

24 Dec 2021  Google Gosia N

I can’t recommend Mona highly enough. Professional, clear and understanding.
Her support makes all the difference.

08 Dec 2021  Google Lachlan C

Mona was a breath of fresh air and totally down to earth. She made dealing with my matter much easier than it could have been, and was professional, but also friendly, patient and understanding. She also has a great sense of humour (which can't be said of all lawyers!). Mona gave sensible and clear advice, communicated with me in a way that made a complex area of law easy to understand, and helped me to understand the impact of different options open to me. I was really grateful to have Mona's expertise and cannot recommend her and Emera Family Law more highly for anyone who wants quality family law advice and representation.

29 Nov 2021  Google Tim C

Mona Emera is a smart, supportive and reliable advocate. She has many years’ experience in family law and was able to successfully help me to avoid traps and to dial down the conflict. When needed, Mona was a strong advocate for me and she was very effective in our negotiations with the ‘other side’. I have no hesitation in recommending her services to anyone who needs a sympathetic, experienced and professional lawyer to help them through these difficult times.

09 Nov 2021  Google Dora V

I can't thank Mona and Jodie enough. I am very grateful for the work that they did for me in a very sensitive family situation. They were professional, honest, kind, and understanding and I thoroughly recommend the team. They went above and beyond to assist.

27 Oct 2021  Google Trent C

All of the above Mona and her team are amazing and caring.

29 Oct 2021  Google Lina R

Extremely friendly team and professional!

21 Oct 2021  Google Meggen L

I'm an intended parent planning altruistic surrogacy, and chose Mona Emera to provide my legal advice.

Altruistic surrogacy is a beautiful gift, but it is also a legal minefield and contemplating everything that could possibly go wrong is the most unromantic part of the journey. Mona delivered her legal advice in such a way that put me at ease. Even though it was her job to inform me of all of the risks I needed to be aware of, and she did deliver that advice in detail both verbally and in writing, her enthusiasm and support for this journey shone through.

Thanks for your professionalism and positivity.

11 Oct 2021  Google Ben H

I found Mona Emera to be a really knowledgeable and experienced family lawyer. She had the right blend of being tough in her approach but also practical, knowing that I wanted a solution that didn't involve going to court. We got there in the end and I was so grateful to Mona for her guidance and support

04 Oct 2021  Google Jo V

Fantastic family law solicitors - I highly recommend Mona Emera and her team!!!

16 Sep 2021  Google Cara

HIGHLY recommend Mona and her team. From start to finish of the process, I felt at ease. No question of mine was ever ignored or looked down upon and I was informed every step of the way. Again, HIGHLY recommend!

14 Sep 2021  Google Chanika I

Little did I know at the time when I first met Mona for a ‘little bit of legal advice’ how messy a marriage break-up can actually be!

Mona and Mairead were both extremely kind, patient and understanding at a very difficult time in my life. They were knowledgeable and professional and I always felt like they genuinely cared about me and my daughters. Mona’s sensible advice resulted in exactly what I wanted when it came to parenting orders and property settlements. For anyone who is looking for honest and supportive legal advice, I would highly recommend Mona and Mairead.

01 Sep 2021  Google Brendan & Sharlene K

I highly recommended Emera Family Law. Very professional and caring and always so quick to respond or talk to you about your legal matter. I can’t thank Mairead enough for all her help and guidance. We are so glad we have been recommended to your firm. Brendan and Sharlene Korney

16 Aug 2021  Google Jan W

I cannot speak highly enough of Emera Family Law Melbourne. I walked in to see Mona and I must admit I was a mess, in tears & doubtful that she could help me. I had been told previously by others that I didn't have a leg to stand on, it was my own fault etc etc. I was immediately put at ease after briefly explaining my situation. I actually had hope for the first time in months.

If I had any questions they were answered promptly & positively, at no stage was I made to feel like it was a stupid question or too much trouble. I'd like to thank Mona, Jodie & the team at Emera Family Law for their professionalism and commitment to getting what is fair & just for people like myself. 

18 Jul 2021  Google Aaron W

From the very moment I met Mona Emera I knew she was the right lawyer for me. Very Experienced in Family Law and came highly recommended from another top tier Melbourne law firm, She didn’t disappoint.

I found myself in a particularly difficult situation. Unsure of my options and what to do next. This didn’t make Mona’s job easy. Mona and the team worked hard, explained to me my rights as a father and made me feel relaxed, informed and always had mine and my children’s best interests at heart.

Within no time at all she was able to put formal arrangements into place which allowed my family to be reunited. I can’t thank you and Jodie enough. You made a difference to our lives that we will be forever thankful. I’m not sure what would of happen without you. Thank you for everything especially your patience and understanding during this emotional hard time.

11 Jul 2021  Google Maria M

Emera Family Law have supported me through one of the most difficult times in my life and I will be eternally grateful to them all. In such difficult times, all these lawyers have provided me with so much support, both emotionally and legally. They are always there to hear of my concerns and respond with my son’s best interests at heart. A law firm that has a heart and soul has been so lovely to have with me on this journey. Thank you and highly recommended to all!

09 Jul 2021  Google Graham W

We had to progress an unexpected family law matter that was sensitive yet for the best interest of a child. Mona Emera and her team were recommended to us by family.

The moment we met Mona we felt she was the person we wanted to represent us. Not only does she have invaluable experience in family law, she understands people and how to navigate a sensitive issue. We would have no hesitation in recommending Emera Family Law - whether it’s Mona or her team who represent you ! They are all professional yet personable and truly understand individual needs.

06 Jul 2021  Google Kim H

My divorce took total of five years give or take. I went through around four lawyers after they just hand balled me to the next one, to the next, to the next. Mona Emera was the last one I was hand balled to. She was the only one that was interested in actually getting me to the end of the divorce.

I came out infront and with the house. Im appreciative of her effort and professionalism to get me to the end. She allowed me to pay some in instalments instead of big massive bills which allowed me to pay her bill fully. I appreciated that very much it helped so much at that time. I would highly recommend her services. She knows her stuff and is very professional and caring in her work she does to get results for her clients .

06 Jul 2021  Google Roby W

After a long battle in the court with my ex wife, I can win my case with outstanding outcomes. I’d like to say thank you to Mona Emera for your quick response and your brilliant idea to help me out from my family matters. I very highly recommend Mona Emera service. Once again thank you so much

05 Jul 2021  Google Nancy I

Mona is someone that you definitely want on your team. Her experience, professionalism and wealth of knowledge made us feel so confident with the entire process that most of the time we actually didn't "feel" the case, therefore we weren't stressed about the situation (as we probably may have been had we chosen a different path). We could not have asked for a better outcome. Mona and her team were so great, we've actually already recommended her to others.

04 Jul 2021  Google Sarina B

I just want to say it has been a pleasure having you and your team work through my case, I was at my lowest point in my life not knowing what to expect not only financially but also emotionally. The very first day I met you, you made me feel like a person and not a client, it was then I realised you were so genuine and so sincere you turned my nightmare around.

I’m so grateful and thank you for all you and your team have done not only for me but for my kids you are such an inspiration not only as a lawyer but also as a human being you went above and beyond. I want to thank you and your team for such an outstanding service. I truly recommend you and your team to anyone who is in need of a good lawyer. Kindest regards Sarina

25 Jun 2021  Google Tamara S

We had to progress an unexpected family law matter that was sensitive yet for the best interests of a child.. Mona Emera and her team were recommended to us by family. The moment we met Mona we felt she was the person we wanted to represent us. Not only does she have invaluable experience in family law, she really understands people and how to navigate a sensitive issue.

We would have no hesitation in recommending Emera Family Law - whether its Mona or her team who represent you ! They are all professional yet personable and truly understand individual needs.

23 Apr 2021  Email V.B

Good Morning Jodie, Mona,

Firstly I would like to thank both you  for all the support you gave me through some very emotional times. I understand that you deal with this sort of thing a lot but you made me feel like I wasn’t just  another client.

Thanks again for everything.

18 Sep 2020  Email J.F

Thank you for your help and support threw my separation and your team as well, you were all lovely

07 Sep 2020  Google Maria M

Such a great legal service both in Family Law and Wills and Estate Law. Highly recommended for their professionalism and quality in often such difficult circumstances. Thanks to your amazing team!

29 Jul 2020  Email MG

It was a week before Christmas when I engaged Mona to work through a separation. It was a very distressing time and Mona promptly made time to see me and outline what the journey ahead would look like. Mona's empathetic and caring nature was evident in all my dealings and she had a pragmatic approach to working through my situation. Mona was professional throughout, responded to my many, many questions and was a much needed support for me at a very challenging time. If you find yourself in the situation of needing family law services, I certainly recommend Mona.

26 Nov 2019  Google Kelly F

Over two years ago I met the lovely Mona. I separated from my partner and had no idea of what was involved with property settlement. Meeting Mona I instantly felt comfortable and confident with the process ahead. Mona is honest and has a caring nature and very realistic. I couldn't have done it without her, she was just on my side, always listened, always gave the best and right advise and above all had my families best interests at heart. The outcome I am very very happy with, Mona worked very hard with my case and always took into account keeping costs down. Mona, thank-you from the bottom of my heart for all that you have done for me and my family, you have been there every step of the way, just amazing! Also to thanks Mona's team, thank you very much!

15 Aug 2019  Google Christina M

I highly recommend Mona Emera and her team. They have continued to be supportive and professional throughout my Family Law Matter.

05 Aug 2019  Google Mirnesa J

Mona Emera is one of the most competent,
Professional and noteworthy lawyer I have had the
Pleasure of representing me. Far from ordinary
and very conscientious, she performs her job with
due dilligence and respect. She is high performance lawyer. Highly recommended.

02 Aug 2019  Google Trent

I have been through the worst exsperience of my life, but these guys were there for me and my son the whole way and still are they are not just Lawyers to me now consider them as family as they are always there for us. We are not just a case to them.

22 Jul 2019  Google Anon.

To Mona Emera and her team, when first I met you, I was facing the hardest storm anyone can face. But, your unconditional support was the miracle I needed from heaven. It is not only your understanding, compassion and exceptional professionalism but also you made me feel I matter as a human being not as a case. With your great support I am in a much better place, you pulled me and my kids to the safe shore, you didn’t give up until you made we got all what we need and deserve, you protected our dignity and wellbeing and you put them first as your priority . You were very sensitive to our needs in every possible way. I can’t find words to thank you Mona, I really wish you all the best from all my heart.

04 Jul 2019  Google Kim H

Im my situation mona emera was lawyer number 4 as th the other three kept handballing me to the next one .
Mona said she will get my family violence separation and divorce done and she has done just that despite my few emotional stressed out moments.
She handled those quite well considering.
Their price is good. Overall very professional, caring, understanding team.
Thank you Jodie and Mona for everything you both did to get me to the end after it got dragged out for over three years.
A combination of other lawyers handballing and the ex talking long to answer.
Sorry for being a emotional grumpy client at times but I didn't mean it as anything that was done or not done by you. It was just the frustrating situation I was in and hormones lol .
I'd highly recommend Mona and her team for any family law that's n needed.
Awesome group of people to deal with.

01 Mar 2019  Email JV

If you ever need a strong, professional, intelligent and supportive family law solicitor, call Mona Emera. She was fantastic in helping me deal with a family law matter. She helped me through the entire process by providing very thorough and realistic advice. She remained professional and supportive throughout the entire process. She kept me focused and really looked after me. Mona (and Jodie) thank you so much, I’m incredibly grateful for everything you have done for me.

01 Feb 2019  Email JM

Both Ben and Mona were very professional and fought hard for me to obtain a fair outcome in my family law case. Their price is very fair and not once did I feel like I was been taking for a ride. Both Mona and Ben are very approachable and easy to talk to. I can honestly say that since working with them both for 8 months or so I hold them both in very high regard and would gladly suggest their services to anyone going through life's challenges with family law. Cheers for all your hard work guys. You both helped me get through one of the hardest times in all my years so far and were always able to keep me positive for the future. I'm sure your firm is on the way to becoming a leader/benchmark for family law in Melbourne.

01 Dec 2018  Email LP

I’m very happy with the outcome. You have done an amazing job. You have kept me on the straight and narrow when I’ve been frustrated and upset. You have kept things black or white and I thank you for your level head.

01 Dec 2018  Email KR

During my divorce, Mona's expertise ensured a seamless transition to achieve a mutually beneficial and amicable outcome for myself, my ex wife and our children. Her support during this emotional period was invaluable and I would gladly recommend her services

01 Dec 2018  Email IM

Mona made me feel confident that she would be able to provide the support and advice necessary for my stressful situation and I was extremely happy with the outcome of my case and would not hesitate to refer her services.

01 Nov 2018  Email JV

Mona - expressing my deepest gratitude to you for being my rock during my separation and divorce. From the moment I came to you 18 months ago, so nervous and scared after the end of my 20 year marriage, you gently guided me through the legal process and didn't let me settle for less than I deserved. Your caring and sympathetic nature made me feel at ease and I cannot thank you enough for being there when I needed you. You were firm and strong when it came to crunch time and you helped me grow stronger. I feel like I'm a different person now and I have a friend in you for life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart

01 Nov 2018  Email KS

I would not only highly recommend Mona for all matters related to Family Law, I would insist you give her a call and make an appointment. You will not be disappointed. What can be a highly stressful and confusing time was not the case for me. Mona had me at ease through the process. Her professional nature ensured that all matters were dealt with in an expert way. What I found of most comfort was the way she ensured that I did not have any unrealistic expectations. The primary focus was for a fair outcome for the sake of our children. It was a great comfort having such a highly qualified person who did not seek to take advantage of an emotional time. She kept me focused and did not let my focus wander. Mona ensured as little litigation occurred as it is costly but also extends the whole process. I would not hesitate to recommend her and have already done so on many occasions. Her professional manner and knowledge of family matters means you are in the most capable hands – and you can start to look forward rather than back