Katie Norris

Paralegal/Legal Assistant

Hi, I'm Katie! I am a career paralegal from Melbourne's western suburbs, with several years' experience in both regional and city based private practice.

Almost everyone you know is or has been involved in a family law related matter to some extent. It's something that everyone can relate to, no matter where you're from or what you do... and that's why I was first drawn towards the area of family law.  I understand that for most clients, this can be the most difficult and daunting period of their lives and I hope that my role can help to ease (at least some of) their concerns. As what is often the first point of contact in the firm, I know that a friendly face and a supportive touch can go a long way in assisting during these challenging times.

I joined EFL seeking to work with a team where my values are aligned and with lawyers who are approachable, communicative, and dedicated to achieving the best possible result in the most cost efficient and least stressful way for our clients.

Outside of work, you'll find me chasing the sun, jet setting and exploring, or out and about in nature, doing all things outdoorsy.