How to Apply for Divorce in Australia

How to apply for a divorce in Australia

This article answers common questions to help you apply for a divorce in Australia. It is important to understand that filing for a divorce is a legal process that is separate from settling parenting arrangements or having a property settlement.
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Can my child decide which parent they want to live with?

Can my children decide where to live?

It is a common misconception in parenting disputes that once children reach a certain age, they can decide which parent they want to live with and how much time they want to spend with the other parent. This is not the case.
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Can I relocate with the children after separation, without the consent of the other parent?

Child relocation in family law

If you wonder whether or not you or your former partner are able to relocate with the children, this article will assist you to understand your obligations and options.
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Tips for preparing for a successful family law mediation

How do I prepare for a successful family law mediation?

Mediation is a way in which parties can negotiate the terms of their separation outside of court. It's usually more amicable and a more cost-effective way to finalise your family law dispute.
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What to look for when choosing a family lawyer

Tips for choosing the right family lawyer

When emotions are high, both needing and choosing a lawyer can be daunting. We provide some tips to consider when choosing your lawyer.
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What is disclosure in family law?

Duty of disclosure in family law

As separating couples navigate the family law system, they might hear the term “disclosure” referred to frequently by their lawyer or the Court. In this blog, we look at your duty of disclosure in family law.
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Our comprehensive overview of all the benefits related to an amicable separation from your former partner

The advantages of an amicable separation from your partner

When separating from your partner, there are many things you will be turning your mind to; like parenting arrangements if there are children, property settlement and spousal maintenance. Even if you agree on arrangements, it's still worthwhile formalising that agreement.
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Myth busting the top 10 misconceptions in family law

10 common family law myths

One of the most interesting parts of my job is hearing all sorts of things that people believe to be true about family law and of course, setting the record straight. In this article, we look to dispel the most common family law myths.
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With artificial insemination, is the sperm donor considered a parent of the child?

Donor Agreements – is the sperm donor a legal parent?

In this blog, we will look at Donor Agreements, parentage and the result of a case involving a sperm donation.
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Adjusting your property settlement for future needs is crucial in protecting your financial future.

Are my future needs considered in Family Law property settlements?

Negotiating and finalising the division of assets, commonly called property settlement, can happen at any time after separation. In this article, we will look at how the future needs of both parties are considered during property settlement negotiations.
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How are pets treated in family law disputes?

Pets in family law - property or parenting?

For most couples who separate, parenting arrangements and/or property settlements are at the forefront of their mind. But what happens to the family dog, cat or any other pet who was a member of the family unit?
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Co-parenting apps to assist separated parents

Co-parenting apps for separated parents

In this blog, we will look at the common features of co-parenting apps and some of the popular apps being used by separated parents.
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